Assorted Musings

These are random ideas I have with the only thing linking it together being my own experiences. They aren't written with any particular audience in mind. This is simply a space for these ideas to express themselves.

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On Energy, Ideas and posession

Aug 20, 2021

The spirit is above everything else. Ideas possess oneself, to express themselves. When ideas flow, energy is abundant, when they stop, life seems without energy.

In this abundant energy we transform our lifes, we become healthy, we make progress on our projects, we obtain all kind of knowledge.

No amount of material understanding creates the same kind of energy. No matter how good the food is you eat, no matter how much self-restraint you apply to yourself. In fact this focus on the mundane might even dampen the expression of the spirits.

The summoning of these spirits happen solely in ones mind. When one believes the future to be better than the present, that's when spirits can take hold. It is then when we can forego our present needs and instead follow those glimpses of the many futures, to make them reality.